Sep 222013

If it were 10 years before the actual question would be ‘Do men love squirting women?’.Now that we know that men love squirting women we should find out why?the real and hidden reasons of why men love squirters…I have come up with this list based on my experience with men and women on this subject.I even had the data to fall back on one of my old survey results which asked men questions like ‘Why would you want to learn to make your women squirt?’ and ‘what do you like about squirting orgasms?’

1.Squirting orgasms and squirting women are rare breed and there is a attraction for women with rare talents:

Not all women squirt.Not all men can make their women squirt.That makes squirting women a rare breed and there is a demand for squirting women.The demand  is visible indifferent scenarios ,For example from a director who is searching for a women model who can end the show with a squirting orgasm,to the lover who wants to date a squirting women to cam shows where men tip too much to the squirting model.

Men love women who squirt pictures

Men love women who squirt pictures



2.Squirting orgasms have a dramatic climax and they clearly signal a end.

Squirting orgasms are a great way to finish.Squirting orgasms are not hidden but they are transparent and it clearly indicates to the men that he has done his job on bed.It is just like playing a video game where they show Five stars or ‘Congrats you have won!” .People are addicted and play just to see the stars and Congrats messages in the end of the game.The point here is,Squirting orgasms clearly says that it is all over and it has a happy ending for the women and even for the men involved.

Squirting with happy endings

Squirting with happy endings



3.The media Glorifies squirting women:-

It is a pleasant surprise for the squirting women that the whole Internet media glorifies squirting orgasm and squirters.There was a time when the same media said false things like ‘squirting is just peeing by some women due to uncontrollable bladder’ and it made the life of squirting women a nightmare.But more and more men and women started to learn about squirting orgasms and they shared their pleasurable experiences in blogs and forums the media had no option but to join the winning side and started to advertise and campaign for squirting women.Today big men and women’s magazines write columns about how pleasurable squirting orgasm is…and stuff like that.Naturally the men who read them are nicely persuaded to learn more about  squirting orgasms.

Mens magazines glorifies squirting orgasm

Mens magazines glorifies squirting












4.Squirting orgasms provide a way out for men to escape from the routine sex routines in bed:-

After a point sex gets boring and it becomes just a routine sex exercise for couples.Whenmencometo know about squirting orgasm they suddenly get a new challenge and a new goal to go after.So they want to learn how to make their women squirt and they see videos of squirting women and end up liking squirting women.

Squirting orgasms-Way to escape from boring sex life

Squirting orgasms-Way to escape from boring sex









5.Squirting orgasms and squirting women stroke a man’s Ego:

When a man makes her women squirt it is a great boost for his ego.He interprets it as a sign that he is a active wild man who can satisfy any women and give her orgasms.A squirting women makes a man feel like a complete Man.

Mens Ego and squirting

Mens Ego and squirting