Sep 042013

These days men and women around the world are going crazy about the squirting orgasms.Now…Don’t ask me what a squirting orgasm is?,unless you have been locked inside a room with no access to the internet for the past ten years.Okay i will write a separate post which explains what a squirting orgasm is in detail for the newbies out there hearing the word for the first time.So in this post i will briefly tell that that Squirting orgasm a.k.a Female ejaculation is the squirting gushing or splashing of a colorless sans smell fluid from the vagina of a women which is accompanied by a whole body squirting orgasm.You can just search for ‘squirting orgasm videos’ and come across a lot of videos of women experiencing the elusive female squirting orgasm.The downside is though there are a tons of videos of squirting women there only a few content that explains the secret of how to acheive the squirting orgasm yourself.

How to acheive squirting orgasms

How to acheive squirting orgasms by yourself







After all what is the fun in seeing other women squirt when you yourself cannot experience that pleasure for yourself.In the ideal sexual intercourse situation a expert man with the right finger techniques or the oral techniques can make any women squirt with varying efforts on his part.But in reality not all men are experts when it comes to sex.So the best thing you can do is learn how to achieve that elusive squirting orgasms yourself and then teach or show your Boyfriend how to give you squirting orgasms.There are plenty of women and girls that write about how to squirt in their personal blogs these days.There are also special cam shows that have squirting women explain men and women and couples about the secrets of squirting and about achieving that elusive pleasure. I will give a brief outline to experience squirting orgasms by yourself without spending time and effort.There is a massager available in the Adult Toy store called ‘Hitachi magic wand’.It is a powerful vibratr cum massager that will squirt the juices out of your wethole.Just Turn on the vibrator ans switch it to the maximum if you are a kinky girl or keep it low if you are a soft women and concentrate on massaging the clit.There will come a time that you will be having a uncomfortable feeling of a urge to pee.Just be brave enough to push¬† out to pee.Now if every thing goes right you should be experiencing one of those squirting orgasm and you will not pee .You can repeat playing you hitachi magic wand on your clit again and again to give cascades of squirting orgasms on yourself.And coming back to your boyfriend you can tell him about your secret massager and he will be very happy to hold it for you and make you squirt.

The thing is even if you don’t end up with a squirting orgasm you should not give up on this big man yet.There is a special tool called Gspot massager that can be attached to the hitachi magic wand which can be used to stimulate a women’s Gspot directly.In the Extreme case you don’t squirt will all the above methods you won’t still be disappointed because the orgasms you get from the magic wand will anyway be more powerful and pleasurable than anything you have experienced so far!