Aug 262013

I have compiled the Top 10 most common signs that women show that they are on a verge of a orgasm.

1.Watch her eyes.Normally women close their eyes when they near a vaginal orgasm or at least while they are experiencing the orgasmic contraction.There is a theory that all men and women close their eyes at the time of orgasm.Though it is still possible to have your eyes open while experiencing orgasms in a natural lovemaking sessions men and women do close their eyes on the verge of a orgasm,at least for a  whole body throbbing orgasm.Also look for the ‘orgasm face white eye’.If you have watched enough orgasm face pictures in our site you will be able to recognize what i mean,the black of the eyes hiding under the eyelids and the super erotic look of the orgasm eyes and all.

Orgasm eyes

Orgasm eyes






2.Hear her moans and screams.If you listen to a audio recording of a women moaning and screaming during sex you can just point out the exact time she orgasms with your eyes closed.The key here is ‘With your eyes closed’.We tend to  ignore these signs of a impending orgasm during a normal lovemaking session.But next time listen properly just be aware that a women’s moaning is so erotic that it will make her lover have a orgasm too by turning him on!

3.The Toe curling Orgasms:-I have written a separate post dedicated to this thing.

Toe curling orgasm

Toe curling orgasm









4.Thrusting her hip and gyration: If your women is romantically close to you and you too feel comfortable with each other then she may actually take control when she nears her orgasm and will start to thrust her hips againt your manhood.Though not all women are this much obvious in giving a sign many people who are in a close relation ship can relate to what i am talking about.

Women thrusting hips

Women thrusting hips






5.Hard erect nipples are tell tale signs that she is super horny:-I have to admit that a hard erect nipple is not a sign that she is about to orgasm.But it is a sure sign that she is horny and that you are in the right Track of making her orgasm.

Hard nipples

Hard nipples








6.Is she wet and juicy down there?:You can find out that your women is having a great orgasm time if she is a squirter and she ejaculates.I know not all women are squirters.So the Poor mans version is make sure she is hot and damp and juicy down there before you even attempt to move her towards a pulsating orgasm.

squirting orgasm image

squirting orgasm image





7.Oh my God i am cumming!No women can get more honest than this kind of women who say that they are orgasming in words.You need no signs.You should be lucky to have a women with this kind of open communication.She communicates it to let you the partner know that you can also jump in and join the orgasm party.

Aug 122013

When someone mentions ‘Toe curling orgasms’ it has got more to do with amazing throbbing orgasms than just Toes curling…What you just read may sound stupid or even won’t make sense for you,but let me explain.

Do you know what is the Number one sign sign that a women is actually experiencing a amazing orgasmic contractions and she is not just faking it to satisfy her lover?By now you should have figured out the answer.It is the Curly Toe that is a tell tale sign that the women is on the verge of a great orgasm.It is one sign that cannot be faked easily and at the same time difficult for a partner to notice while love making.

The following are the best of the best Toe curling orgasms pictures and images

Best Toe curling orgasms pictures

Best Toe curling orgasms pictures

Toe-curling-orgasm2 Toe-curling-orgasm3 Toe-curling-orgasm4 Toe-curling-orgasm5 Toe-curling-orgasm6 Toe-curling-orgasm7

Jul 222013

This is my second post which hosts the raw expressions of a women’s face while experiencing an orgasm.

A women's face is more beautiful duringorgasm

Beautiful girl’s orgasm face

Another beautiful orgasm face in our orgasm face gallery…










Another new Orgasm face…It a beautiful






















Thanks for your overwhelming response to my orgasm face blog.I am adding another beautiful girl’s orgasm face which i found today to the orgasm face compilation.

Beautiful girls orgasm face

Beautiful girls orgasm face

I thought i was running out of beautiful orgasm faces until i came across this beauty…



Another orgasm face of a women in red…


Jun 162013

The following is a question from a man on how women perceive orgasm and sex in general and whether it differs from how men view and feel about orgasm and sex.You can find my answers in Bold.If you are a women reader you can add your own answers in the comments and it will be appreciated.

men and women orgasm questions

Question: We (guys) love women’s bodies.When we’re in bed with beautiful women,we love to caress/kiss their face,breasts,bottoms..their entire body,really.We like to “play” with some parts,suck on some parts or simply lick them face to toe .My point is, We enjoy doing that,we need it,we don’t just do it to please our partner,it gives us a great amount of pleasure ourselves,the female body is amazing to us,we crave it .A woman can tease a man with her body till he feels like a monster waiting to be unleashed at her.Another thing,we (guys) get off on watching a woman orgasm,hearing her moan and scream.And again,women can actually use this to tease us saying stuff like “wanna make me cum,hear me moan..ect” and again we’re like monsters waiting for the cue to send her to orgasm town like our lives depended on it.You see,what’s amazing about women is that they can let you be a monster on them but they’re still dominating you : with their minds and “womanly spell” . It’s like they can demand to be dominated and/or pleased and they’re still the ones in-charge during the sex saying stuff like “Do me harder”..etc.They can also use the pleading approach and “beg” for it saying “Do me harder” pleadingly,and it still works.

Now If we want to reverse all of the above,I get the following questions in mind (don’t read the questions unless you’ve read what’s above so you can understand my point) :

1.Do women crave men’s body the same way men crave women’s body ? If so,what body parts do they like to kiss,caress,lick or play with ?

It is a generic question.Each women will have a different answer.I will give my view and you can get different answers from my women readers in comments.

My answer is …Not in the same way …Men love to give and women love to receive.Having said that we love to do a role reversal too for a change and fun.But not always.

2.Can a guy actually tease a woman with his body and use his “manly spell” till she can’t resist jumping all over him kissing/sucking him everywhere? Is there such a thing as “manly spell” in that context ?

Yes…He can definitely Turn her on and make her crave for him if he does the right things right.

3.Can a guy a tease a woman in a way to make her wanna ride him till he cums like her life depended on it ? If so,how?

I can’t talk for all women but personally for some women,it is not their goal to make him cum.It is something that happens eventually when the fun stops.

4.Can a guy “beg” a woman to unleash herself on him? Or will the pleading approach show him to be emasculate and would turn her off instantly ?

I don’t think pleading will work when she is not in that ‘Wild’ mood.

5.Can a guy demand to be dominated/pleased and still be taking charge?how?

Yes.Because he is allowing you to dominate he is still the one in charge.

6.Does this sound g-ay to you all ? lol. Ok,don’t answer this one.

Ha.No but it is different since men in general don’t go in detail like this.

All of this makes me wonder on the dynamics of attraction between men and women and how they desire each other differently..or not so differently? What do you think ?

P.s : I’m not talking about relationships,dating.personalities,communication.I’m talking about pure sex,initiation approaches,seduction techniques,dirty talk,moves,teasing..etc..I’m also aware that men can tease and dominate/be dominated by women in other ways but let’s focus on the aspects I’ve introduced here.Thanks for reading